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All About Me!


From the very childhood I loved to have a camera in my hand to take pictures. It was my hobby. I realized that no one can become good photographer by just buying Canon/Nikon/Sony camera. You are just a owner of that brand. No doubt one should have good equipments and also sound technical knowledge.

After working with cars for last few years and having a flourishing buisness, in 2011 I had a inner desire to be a professional photographer.I took the time to dive deeper into it, after two and a half years of intense study along with attending classes in Spain(2014) , Czech Republic(2016) and  finally I am a professional photographer.

My philosophy of a good professional photographer is the deep connection between the photographer and the subject. Just as Atma(Soul) is the witness of every second of our life, photographer becomes the witness of the subject’s emotion which can't be seen by the subject itself and captures the depth of feeling in camera. I love taking Portraits as it is like a connection between souls i.e subject and photographer. If this connection is established between subject and photographer both of them will merge and experiences bliss.

Hardik R. Patel

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